In order to become successful in business, understanding your counterpart is crucial. GoSweden has over 15 years of experience doing business and cultural exchange in China.

GoSweden have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the logic of Chinese business mind and the channels to find the right locations and partners for you to make the difference in China.


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Latest news

2007-05-05 - Episode 2-4 of "National Treasures Archive - Chinese Cultural Treasures in China" is finished. Contact GoSweden to receive a copy.

2007-04-20 - RTC International will arrive to Sweden May 22. Welcome to book a business meeting about Cellulose Ether.

2007-02-20 - First episode for "National Tresures Archive" finished. Contact GoSweden to recive a copy.

2006-12-06 - CCTV leaves Sweden after two weeks filming for "National Tresures Archive".

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