About GoSweden

GoSweden acts advisor and use culture as the main tool to break barriers and create better business in China.

China’s economy is blooming, the infrastructure is developing fast and the interest for its products has never been bigger as the citizen’s wishes to raise their standard of living. Obviously this is an amazing opportunity for Swedish companies wishing to position themselves in the new China.

The Chinese are very interested in its own culture and history; a history where Sweden has good relations with China. To a certain extent, this depends on Swedish people’s aid in helping the Chinese people to find its origins as well as laying grounds to their modern industry. The interest in learning history and its own cultural heritage has become status and knowledge has become power.

Through various Cultural events GoSweden offer your enterprise unique opportunities to position yourself on the Chinese market. In co-operation with CCTV, a Chinese TV-team came to Sweden to produce ten episodes about the Swedish-Chinese cultural history. A production that was made possible thanks to GoSweden's cooperation with the China Foundation for Development of Social and Culture Exchange, Ministry of Culture, and China Cultural Treasure Recovery Fund.

The production offers unique opportunities to meet and create relations with powerful people and businessmen.
Latest news

2007-05-05 – Episode 2-4 of "National Treasures Archive -Chinese Cultural Treasures in China" is finished. Contact GoSweden to receive a copy.

2007-04-20 - RTC International will arrive to Sweden May 22. Welcome to book a business meeting about Cellulose Ether.

2007-02-20 - First episode for "National Tresures Archive" finished. Contact GoSweden to recive a copy.

2006-12-06 - CCTV leaves Sweden after two weeks filming for "National Tresures Archive".

To learn more about GoSweden, please contact David Magnell by sending an email to david.magnell@gosweden.com.cn.